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We offer Private online one-to-one Tutoring on all aspects of Cryptocurrency.

The training we offer is typically one-to-one, however you may include family or friends subject to prior arrangement. Sessions are always booked at the client's convenience and as frequently as required. Through our expert coaching and tuition we have helped many beginners go on to thrive as successful crypto investors.

  • Client-Driven

    Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience, we tailor each session to ensure the needs of YOU, our customer are met. Therefore, we always request that you have pre-written questions ready before the start of your session.

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    Unlike other crypto courses which typically rely on pre-recorded content or linear presentation with slide decks, our sessions are live and fully interactive using the technology and flexibility of Zoom and within the comfort of your own home.

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We Answer the Questions you want Answered

We appreciate that each person has a unique level of knowledge, preconception and experience when it comes to dealing in cryptocurrency. As our tuition sessions are one-to-one, they are driven by and cater directly to the needs of our clients.

Some typical questions asked by new Clients

  • Are Cryptocurrencies the future of money? / Why bother?
  • What exactly is a Blockchain?
  • Is Bitcoin a scam? / How can I spot a scam?
  • How can Bitcoin provide me with Financial Freedom?
  • Do I have to buy a whole Bitcoin?

Covering a wide range of topics for those that are 'Crypto-curious'

Crypto 1,2,3's private and tailored sessions will get you: started, set up & running, safely, simply, and easily in the world of Cryptocurrency.

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Blockchain Technology - A Revolution

• A true cryptocurrency operates on a ledger (a record of all the transactions ever made on a currency).
• The ledger uses a new architecture known as Blockchain Technology to store that data.
• This data is stored in a block and then is attached to the previous block of data.
Each and every NEW block is chained to the previous block (i.e Block-Chain ).
• Each transaction is verified by a group of individual, independent and unassociated Miners.
• This provides a security never experienced in a monetary system before.
• Blockchain Technology is being adopted in many industries super-fast globally and will revolutionise the world we live in.
• Learn about the many different applications of Blockchain Technology.


What is Defi?

• De-Fi Stands for Decentralised Finance and is basically the financial sector of cryptocurrencies, that is expanding and growing exponentially.
• Defi builds on the decentralised aspect of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology. It is an entirely new and revolutionary banking & finance system, which allows global participation without the need for permission from a bank at all.
• Defi means the whole world can now operate in its’ own financial system and everyone can participate because there is no centralised authority.
• The current banking system we all use is known as Ce-Fi (Centralised Finance), which requires permission from a bank before you can do what you want with your own money…
• Defi’s security comes from the security of the blockchain for verification because it is built on a smart contract (digital agreement).
• Most apps in DeFi are built on smart contracts using the cryptocurrency known as Ethereum. This is part of the reason why Ethereum is growing so rapidly…


Portfolio Management

• This is the process by which funds for investing in crypto are carefully planned and managed.
• Carefully planning the proportionate allocation of your funds to cryptocurrencies can maximise your potential gains, whilst keeping them as safe as possible.
• Portfolio Management is your way of planning your investments in order to minimise risk when investing in cryptocurrencies, while exposing your funds to growth opportunities.
• Portfolio Planning & Management provides you with the safest plan of action that you will execute and stick to, so that you will continue investing in crypto for life, not just to ‘get rich quick !!’
• There’s no such thing as getting rich quick in crypto – That’s gambling !!
• The difference between gambling and investing is a having a well-thought-out plan and Doing your Own Research (D.Y.O.R).


Your Personal Path to Crypto Knowledge

Our General Course Structure



Discussion of your crypto & blockchain journey so far.



We'll cover the fundamentals of cryptocurrency tailored to your specific requirements.



We'll set out Step-by-Step actions to reach your goals.



We'll assess the distance travelled in your knowledge at the end of each session.


Prompts for Further Study

We'll recommended further study to assist you on your onward crypto journey.



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